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Metro Mobility Is All Inclusive


Metro Mobility is committed to making diversity, equity, and inclusion a big part of everything we do – from how we hire, to how we act in the workplace. Our goal is to make all feel welcome, and for all to belong.

As we grow our company, we are committed to visiting, and re-visiting this goal regularly. Maintaining a diverse, equitable, and inclusive team takes mind-share, and can require a re-ordering of the business priorities that often prevail in a small to medium size fast-growing company.

Our municipal customers represent some of the most diverse users on the planet, and it is our job to mirror that diversity in the team we build to serve them.

Metro Mobility works hard to attract and retain our small but talented team, and throughout the process our managers focus on ensuring parity in how we hire. Diversity, equity, and inclusion is at the core of this process, now, and into the future.