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Light EV Charging Station

Metro Mobility’s patent pending ChargeLockā„¢ station incorporates charging and locking in a single connector. The user friendly system is poised to vastly reduce operational costs for Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) fleets.

Lock & Charge

With a Single Action

Locks the LEV to the Station

Locks the Charging Cable to the LEV

Begins Charging

Ends the Rental

  • No nightly gathering and charging
  • Locking and unlocking with one motion
  • Unauthorized persons cannot unplug vehicles
  • Patents pending
  • Vehicles are held upright & not blocking sidewalks
  • Vehicles are locked, avoiding vandalism & theft
  • Compatible with any wheel size & vehicle type


With All Vehicle Types


Unlike the rigid docking systems seen with many bike share systems, the ChargeLock design allows for use with any size or shape of vehicle. The flexible ChareLock cable can accommodate both e-bikes and scooters, alongside any other light electric vehicle designs, all in the same station.


See ChargeLock in Action